About Us

We are focused on contributing to a reimagined workforce of the future for Australia. NOVUS Search Partners seeks to combine the best of traditional, contemporary and cutting-edge human potential solutions – to assist organisations to  reimagine the way the Australian workforce is designed, developed and enhanced.

Why Choose Us


We adhere to rigorous standards.


Balanced Heart and Head + Measurable impact.


Innovation + Commitment + Discipline + Value Adding.


We communicate openly, regularly and without bias. 


We are proactive partners in the cultivation and achievement of mutually valuable outcomes.


Authentic + Meaningful + Selfless + Client Centric.


We embrace a culture of mutual respect and value all individual contributions in the NOVUS ecosystem.

The NOVUS Difference

Think Global Act Local

We are a social impact workforce advisory firm – where a portion of our commercial returns are reinvested into developing and delivering community based solutions with our clients.

Mission Driven

Our Mission is to enable and enhance our clients’ workforces to effectively position themselves in a complex and changing world; in which organisations, A.I. and Human Capital work alongside each other.

Truly Global

As a member of a top 10 globally ranked search and advisory firm we have access to 450+ consultants across more than 40 countries – who are highly responsive and flexible to client needs, creating successful, bespoke advisory solutions.

When you work with one, you work with all.

Professional Fees

The structure of our professional fees is on a retained project basis. We also have an element built in, which demonstrates the social purpose mission of NOVUS Search Partners.

Integrated Solutions

Our solutions are designed to drive a holistic, futureproof suite of outcomes.

Platform Agnostic Tools

We deploy a range of diagnostic tools including leading-edge A.I. and data generation solutions, alongside high touch client tailored human intervention. 

For more information about working with NOVUS Search Partners please contact us.