Join Us

NOVUS is building a platforms based organisation that is designed to constructively challenge the Australian Executive Search and Advisory community. We make no apologies. We reflect on and challenge the way we and our clients see the road ahead every day; and that is one of our key strengths. We are paid to think proactively and be ahead of the economic and social curve are we not?

If you seek a traditional, hierarchical, individually performance focused, cookie cutter advisory re-invent the same-wheel type environment, where the founders/partners are the ones who are likely calling the shots, and you have to compete with your colleagues – then NOVUS is not the home for you.

Our Culture

  • We encourage independent decision-making.
  • We share information openly, broadly, and deliberately.
  • We are extraordinarily candid with each other.
  • We will support and enable you to be the best version of yourself.
  • We respect, value and support each other.

We avoid rules but we don’t break the unspoken social contract we have with each other.

What we are looking for:

  • You want to be your true self, you are authentic, you are unique and are nurturing these fundamentals.
  • You are doing your best to make a difference today.
  • You are redefining and reimagining the horizons of traditional paradigms of strategic advisory.
  • You think global but act local and appropriately challenge the status quo.
  • You are creative, holistic, strategic, an explorer, act with heart and head and are a connector of ideas.
  • Our annual leave policy is “take annual leave.” We don’t have any rules or forms around how many weeks per year. You have the self-discipline to know when you need to take it, and you will support others to do the same. Equally our parental leave policy is: “take care of your new child and yourself.” – you will have the EQ to know when the right time to come back to the office and the team will support you to the best of their ability with any of your activities in your absence.
  • The concept of true partnership with 450+ truly collaborative leaders across the globe, with one of the highest referral partnership rates across any global advisory firm, attracts and inspires you.
  • You want to be an integral member of a high-performance team that is not only focused on delivering social and economic impact but also makes the time to celebrate and acknowledge their success.
  • You want to be part of compensation and revenue model that is designed to support the enhancement of the journeys of all members of the Australian community and rewards the collective efforts of the NOVUS team, and not just the individual.
  • You park any ego, pre-conception and biases at the front door – it’s not about you – It’s about our country and its people, our client, our team, and your individual contribution to a new and powerful story.

Joining our global family is straightforward – Introduce yourself, undergo our AI cultural fit assessment, have a conversation and let’s craft a role together that creates a tangible difference for Australia in some way.

The place we go together, is the place we belong together. We are NOVUS.