Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping can be an effective risk mitigation strategy allowing your company to deploy resources much faster and with confidence, by understanding the external talent environment.

Talent mapping tracks executives in local and global candidate markets, allowing you to evaluate your competitor capabilities and structures. It is a strategy that increasingly companies employ for long or short-term talent sourcing needs and when diversifying into new business sectors or in fact seek to ensure an objective view of a succession already in place.

As a subset, staying ahead of intelligence can be a large undertaking. Getting processes and methods in place up front is the hardest part. Having an outside partner complete a thorough audit of your current situation can be the most effective way of integrating Talent Intelligence into your strategic succession planning and talent acquisition initiatives.

In addition, often unique, specialty or in-demand skill sets may be identified, and individuals holding these roles may also be tracked through a talent mapping process that in its entirety remains ‘live’ for six months before a refresh is undertaken. Understanding the talent ecosystem at these four levels of management helps define future roles for both Leadership, candidates and enhance a company’s succession planning strategy.

Mapping The Talent Market

Talent mapping involves tracking up to four levels of management. These leadership levels may include:

  • Board
  • Managing Director / C-Suite
  • Heads of Business
  • One sub-level below Heads of Business (often Sales and Marketing focused)

Analysis of these divisions provides a detailed overview of organisational structures, reporting systems and insight into competitor functions. Using this data, organisations can identify key competitors, target skills and compile core competencies to enhance their own internal teams.

Case Study – A Board Of The Future Plan – A 5 Year Multidisciplinary Talent map

A top 5 blue chip Australian Social Purpose Organisation in the Allied Health Services sector sought to evolve its Board leadership in support of the organisation shifting its strategic director to one of strong digital engagement with their customers and a more diversified set of revenue streams. The organisation engaged NOVUS Search partners to help them understand what a Board of the future could look like that took into account their digital transformation, a networked approach to revenue generation and an aligned cultural evolution. As part of this we developed a 5 year recommended transition journey, which incorporated a map of the market of talent across Australia and identified specific leadership capabilities that might the comprehensive map outlined innovative new but existing skillsets and confirmed that for instance digital transformation Board talent pools were largely dominated by Chief Information Officers rather than the unique and commercial digital marketing engagement leadership which NOVUS recommended should be an avenue the organisation should pursue to drive practical blue sky thinking around consumer acquisition. As part of our ongoing social impact commitment with the organisation NOVUS Search Partners will continue to chart and craft a contemporary talent database of appointable Non-Executive Board Directors that will support the organisation’s evolution as it moves through it present strategic endeavours.

As a result of the market mapping and associated set of recommendations, the organisation has subsequently retained NOVUS Search Partners to identify, attract, assess and embed 3 Non-Executive Directors with specific skills that directly respond to their new view of a Board of the Future.

Partner With Us

It’s widely known that people are the key to an organization’s success. With mapping, you can become the leading talent expert in your industry, knowing where the top Board and C Suite executives are placed, how long they have been in role, or when they may be ready to move. Partner with us to empower your leadership teams with the information and skills required to hire the very best leaders and maintain a competitive edge.

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