Digital Technology

A revolution is unfolding, invisible, global and virtually impossible to avoid. More than 90% of the world’s data only appeared in recent years and is slowly transforming everything from retail to medicine. Today, technology and data pretty much influences everything. Where should we look for signs of what lies ahead? What will advances in science – physics and biology in particular – make possible, and where might technology bump up against ethical limits?

How do investors spot emerging technologies and where are they putting their money now? Will change really be as fast paced and earth shattering as considered by many? Virtual reality, self-driving cars, private spaceflight and gene editing are just four areas of imagined futures that are fast becoming a reality. This is underpinned by striking claims that we have today, accurate, complete equations adequate to provide the foundation of nuclear physics, material science, chemistry and all plausible forms of engineering. As a result, calculation can increasingly replace experimentation in developing technology allowing for accelerated social and economic progress.

Humanity is building new technologies with seemingly limitless practical application and impacting all types of commerce and customer/supplier engagements. Data has become a competitive advantage for an enterprise, yet companies are just beginning to harness the power of analytics and machine learning. As it has done before, technology is laying the groundwork for decades of profound yet potentially complementary change.

Technology is combining with the customer and employee engagement experience at an ever-increasing rate, to differentiate companies from their competitors. Those that get this right will succeed and those that don’t will cease to exist.

NOVUS Search Partners has particular expertise with complex integrated multi-site transformations in which organisations are looking to converge traditional and disparate infrastructure with emerging customer connective technologies. This may include building associated data lakes for business intelligence purposes, supporting Chief Digital and Information Officer role amalgamations, as well as an array of new C-Suite roles are being created, including Chief Trust Officer; AI Business Director; and Chief Ethical Sourcing Officer. These senior executives are navigating citizen centric technology rollouts – with a particular focus on achieving a balance between highly protective but enabling cybersecurity protocols, ensuring strong linkages with cloud based infrastructure and integrating AI engines to optimise the user experience.

As your organisation looks to understand how best to utilise innovation and rearrange your world, NOVUS Search Partners can assist strategically to design and structure roles and responsibilities – to seize opportunities presented by new advances in technology and data delivery via partnerships. NOVUS Search Partners can also help you build an interwoven value proposition to execute your sought talent strategy. The firm can also show you a range of innovative global channels in which to identify, attract, develop, and retain those dynamic people who will with purpose lead your organisation into a disruptive and powerful technological future. NOVUS Search Partners can also assist their clients to anticipate business needs through global talent mapping – aimed specifically at the technology sector.