Private Sector

Australia has experienced consecutive annual economic growth for the past 28 years setting a new record among developed economies for uninterrupted expansion. This enviable record of steady growth proves the robustness of Australia’s economy and its reliability as a low-risk and safe environment in which to do business. Our longstanding ties with Asia have helped Australia to prosper.

There are however significant challenges ahead facing business in Australia and globally with political uncertainty affecting market growth and opportunities. Trade wars, Brexit, Australian security and trading partners pursuing different paths, are bringing disruption within our region. A seismic shift is happening with a more flexible and mobile work force combined with higher customer expectations and satisfaction levels. There are also disruptive technological changes, increasingly severe data protection regulations and new generational expectations in the Australian workforce.

We are seeing across many business sectors a significant number of consolidations and mergers with larger global players entering Australia. This is creating new roles within companies while other roles are being made redundant and disappearing. There is also greater expectation from companies and their shareholders around greater appetite for risk but equally higher expectations on around performance and productivity of this changing workforce, right up to the most senior executive.

Increasingly, evidence shows that a new type leader is being called for at all levels. They are innately a naturally commercially tech savvy individual who is permanently connected to a much more convoluted ecosystem around surrounding them. Further, these hybrid leaders seek validation and input from the collective yet remain actively cognisant of the nuances that exist in the sector and the related integrity; they are highly collaborative and flexible, familiar with working in ad-hoc, project team environments as well as with traditional models. These individuals are data-centric, analytics-driven, at home with big data and visualization techniques, dedicated to continuous development; use to a high degree of autonomy and looking for opportunities to make a social impact via a range of career engagement channels.

NOVUS Search Partners, with our global reach, use of cutting-edge sourcing, assessment and attraction tools, and a dedicated focus on driving economic and social impact can assist with:

  • Structured talent mobility between states, territories and countries. This is a first for Australia in terms of a new workforce model.
  • Assist you to anticipate business needs through future strategic state diagnosis and deliver associated transformation programs.
  • Undertake aligned global talent mapping and succession planning.
  • Support and/or drive successful navigation of partnership situations in which there are extremely complex stakeholder and legislative nuances at play, which are highly topical and/or controversial in nature.
  • Reducing your reliance on executive recruitment firms with a new and cost-effective approach to talent acquisitions.
  • Drawing talent in from aligned sectors who will complement the strategic objectives in terms of skillset – yet navigate the associated interpersonal and hierarchal complexities of the sector exceptionally well.
  • Conducting intelligence gathering exercises that deliver employee predictive scenarios, reflect future labour markets and technology adoption trends that might assist with risk mitigation or new scenario exploration.
  • Collecting and reviewing success stories and conducting periodic workforce studies to understand and map the contemporary expectations and preferences of a younger mid-level management workforce.