How To Handle Top Employee Resignations With Succession Planning and Market Mapping

Christine Hayward, Executive Director of IIC Partners, was recently published in Forbes discussing how to handle major employee transitions. Here are some highlights from the article:

Succession Planning

Succession planning is the process of identifying a pipeline of talent who can assume interim or permanent positions when leaders depart. Usually, this is reserved for top positions, but creating a plan for every position, including skilled non-management roles, will leave you ready for every transition. Executive search firms can be helpful partners in developing organization-wide succession plans.

Measure Employee Satisfaction

As artificial intelligence and machine learning technology mature, you can use cutting-edge tools to gather data and measure employee satisfaction and engagement. When problematic data patterns are identified, you can work with these at-risk employees to address problems and improve performance, rather than letting issues expand unnoticed. The best way to handle employee transitions is to prevent ones that do not need to occur.

Market Mapping

Conduct market mapping with a search firm to learn what is working for others, review skill profiles and gather a pool of potential candidates. Market mapping will often provide new ideas of how to structure your team and help you are take an objective, research-driven approach towards the transition.

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